This month’s podcast features Betsy Winkle, Director of Evaluation Services at All Belong. Guest host Dr. Charlotte Marshall Powell speaks with Betsy about ways that trauma-informed perspectives can help both students and teachers adjust back to school life during COVID-19. This podcast provides a helpful follow up to Betsy’s earlier blog post on the same topic of trauma-informed instruction for students and support for educators.


About the Guest Host  

Dr. Charlotte Marshall PowellDr. Charlotte Marshall Powell is an independent researcher who has served on staff previously at ACSI research. Her background includes a decade of research examining individual and community well-being in academic, corporate, and church communities. Deeply rooted in Christian values, she has an ability to lead research projects strategically and empathetically. Prior to joining ACSI, she served as an academic researcher and professor of psychology. She can be reached via email at

About the Guest

Betsly Winkle - AuthorBetsy Winkle, EdS, combines her passion for education and reconciliation in her role as director of evaluation services at All Belong. Fueled by a passion for helping each child flourish and develop their God-given gifts, Betsy enjoys walking alongside parents and teachers to help them understand how each struggling child thinks and learns and creating structures within schools that support all students. She is particularly interested in the impact of life circumstances and mental health on a child’s educational success. Betsy received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Calvin College and her Master of Arts and specialist degrees from Lehigh University. She can be reached via email at

Questions to Consider:

How can trauma-informed approaches help you prepare for students’ return to school in the fall, and/or for the possibility of continuing distance learning?


Which of the seven key steps recommended by the author are already strengths of your school? How can you strategize to strengthen your responses in the other key steps?

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