When I asked keynote speakers at the upcoming 2019 Global Christian School Leadership Summit (GCSLS) why Christian educators should attend, here’s what they had to say:

  • “In an age of surging individualism, it’s never been more important for Christians to come together and link arms across our organizational boundaries in our shared mission.”—Chris Horst, co-author of Mission Drift and Rooting for Rivals
  • “I think GCSLS will be formative in shaping the practice and setting the direction for Christian education for a new generation—you want to get in on that right from the start.” — Beth Green, CARDUS Education
  • “We don’t need to simply do better. We need to think differently, humanly, and redemptively.” —Rex Miller, futurist and author of Humanizing the Education Machine
  • “Christian educators will gain a biblical vision for pursuing diversity, obtain a nuanced understanding of the challenges, and acquire theologically motivated solutions that cultivate a learning environment of excellence and mutuality.”— Walter Strickland, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Global Christian School Leadership Summit 2019

Finally, a school leader said it best:

“There are two primary reasons I am attending GCSLS and bringing several of our key staff—one, the opportunity to collaborate with some gifted Christian school leaders who truly have a global perspective; and two, to challenge my personal thinking around strategic shifts taking place within the Christian school paradigm, and the strategic steps I, and my school, need to take in the next one to three years.”  — Head of School, Texas


An Invitation

You and your team are invited to join eight Christian associations at the 2019 Global Christian School Leadership Summit (GCSLS) in San Antonio, Texas, on January 30 through February 1, 2019. The theme for GCSLS 2019 will be Innovate, as participants work together to develop adaptive solutions to the current challenges and opportunities facing Christian education. Over 60 internationally known speakers and presenters will engage participants in cutting-edge, interactive keynotes, panels, workshops, and free presummit seminars on a variety of topics that are impacting schools today.

A biennial event, the 2017 summit drew over 750 Christian education leaders from around the world, including the U.S., Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa. While space is still available, now is the time to register at gcsls.org and join hundreds of your peers from all over the world to catalyze the impact of innovation in your school.

[Editor’s Note: To view 20 sessions from GCSLS 2019 anytime between March 1 and August 31, 2019, register for the 2019 eSummit here].

About the Author

Lynn SwanerDr. Lynn Swaner is the director of thought leadership at ACSI, where she leads initiatives to address compelling questions and challenges facing Christian education. Prior to joining ACSI, she served as a Christian school administrator and a graduate professor of education. A published scholar and conference speaker, she is the lead editor of the book PIVOT: New Directions for Christian Education, the co-author of Bring It to Life: Christian Education and the Transformative Power of Service-Learning, and editor of the ACSI blog. She received her Doctor of Education from Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City. She can be reached via e-mail at lynn_swaner@acsi.org.


Randl Spear

I am thrilled to see A.C.S.I still in business. I not only was able to bring my school into full accreditation through A.C.S.I. but I also had the blessed privilege of going on the road as a site evaluator to help other schools as well. I thought for sure that this was as close to “heaven on earth” as possible.

Immaculate G

As schools and individuals who are goal-oriented, purpose- driven towards being and behaving in Christ likeness, my prayer is that this world, one day and very soon will be with children and students who will grow into responsible citizens empowered with love, compassion, integrity and faithfulness towards all humanity. I trust the All powerful, All Knowing, All Loving God will always direct us in the right path, procedures, and systems.


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