The end of the summer 2019 marked the ACSI blog’s 100th week in existence. It’s hard to believe the blog has been around for nearly two years, and that over 50,000 Christian education leaders, teachers, and friends have visited during that time.

ACSI Blog 100 WeeksAs I wrote in our very first blog post, Why an ACSI Blog? Why Now?, we started the blog because we “desire to work with Christian educators to perceive what God is doing in this present generation (Isaiah 43:18–19), so that—together—we may find ways for deeper engagement and responsibility to this work to which God has called us … Our goal is to provide relevant and timely content that addresses real questions, concerns, and opportunities facing Christian schools.”

Since the blog’s launch, we’ve had amazing leaders and experts—many of them you know and with whom you work—share their insights and best practices on subjects like fostering diversity, marketplace challenges, leadership strategies, and deeper learning in Christian schools…and nearly everything in between! We’ve also launched a podcast series, as well as a popular For Families section where you can find inspirational blogs to share with school families.

So what’s next? Over the coming year, you can expect to see some design changes that make it easier for you to search and find blogs by topic. But we need your help to keep growing and improving the blog. Whether you’re a subscriber or a new visitor, please email with any feedback you have—including ideas for future topics we should cover.

Thanks for all you’ve done to make the blog a success these past two years—and for investing a few minutes to help shape its future!


About the Author

ACSI - Lynn Swaner ACSI blog contributorDr. Lynn Swaner is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at ACSI, where she leads initiatives and develops strategies to address compelling questions and challenges facing Christian education. Prior to joining ACSI she served as a Christian school administrator and a graduate professor of education. Dr. Swaner serves as a Cardus Senior Fellow and is the lead editor of the books MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education and PIVOT: New Directions for Christian Education, co-author of Bring It to Life: Christian Education and the Transformative Power of Service-Learning, and editor of the ACSI blog. She received her EdD from Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City. She can be reached via email at


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