This month’s podcast features Becki Rust, ACSI Thought Leadership Project Coordinator, who interviews Dr. Maria Varlet, Head of Research and Innovation at Crest Education in Melbourne, Australia, about the importance of women’s leadership in Christian education. They discuss ways to develop women’s leadership through mentoring, building a leadership network, and taking a strengths-based approach, as well as Maria’s recent blog post for the new Women Leaders for Christian Education blog.


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About the Guest Host  

Becki RustBecki Rust is the Thought Leadership Project Coordinator at ACSI, where she leads project management for a wide variety of innovative and timely initiatives, programs, and events. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from The King’s College in New York City. Becki can be reached at 

About the Guest

Maria Varlet Maria Varlet currently serves as the head of Research and Innovation at Crest Education in Melbourne and is a board member for ACSI–Australia. She has been involved in Christian Education for over 25 years, holding positions of head of Learning and Teaching, campus principal, and executive officer for Christian Schools Australia. Her doctoral research investigates how professional learning can help teachers navigate tensions between biblical ethos and assessment practices in the Christian school context. She can be contacted via email at

Questions to Consider:

How do you and your team currently work to foster women’s leadership in intentional ways?


If you are a current or aspiring woman leader, what next steps could you take for your own leadership development?

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One Comment

Renee McLamb

This is awesome! Thank you ACSI for considering the many many women serving in Christian Education all over the US and the world!


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