Today’s podcast features Heather Lee, Assistant Superintendent at Fredericksburg Christian School in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Heather talks with Lynn Swaner about the Flourishing Schools construct of Culture of Improvement, where “guided by school leadership and focused on the future, the school is continually improving/makes necessary changes to improve.”


Additional Resources

To hear more from Heather, check out her blog post, 4 Tips for Remaining Healthy and Whole as You Lead. To learn more about Flourishing Schools Research, check out the Flourishing Together book by Lynn Swaner and Andy Wolfe (Eerdmans 2021) and this video overview of the research. You can also find out about the related institute for leaders and instruments for schools here.

About the Guest

Heather Lee

Dr. Heather Lee is Assistant Superintendent at Fredericksburg Christian School in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She earned her master’s degree at Regent University and Doctorate in Christian School Leadership at Columbia International University. She is married to Kevin and has one daughter in elementary school. Her favorite method of relaxation is solitude in nature, especially near water.


 About the Host

ACSI - Lynn Swaner ACSI blog contributor

Dr. Lynn E. Swaner is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at ACSI, where she leads initiatives and develops strategies to address compelling questions and challenges facing Christian education. Dr. Swaner serves as a Cardus Senior Fellow and is the co-author or editor of multiple books on Christian education,  including Flourishing Together: A Christian Vision for Students, Educators, and Schools and MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education. Prior to joining ACSI, she served as a professor of education and a Christian school administrator in New York.

Questions to Consider:

A culture of improvement doesn’t happen by accident. It requires focus and planning. What practical steps are you taking towards continual improvement in your school?


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