This month’s podcast discusses how to create inclusive communities in Christian schools, which are welcoming of learners from all backgrounds and abilities.

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About the Host  

Dr. Lynn Swaner is the Director of Thought Leadership at ACSI, where she leads initiatives to address compelling questions and challenges facing Christian education. Prior to joining ACSI she served as a Christian school administrator and a graduate professor of education. A published scholar and conference speaker, she is the lead editor of the book PIVOT: New Directions for Christian Education, co-author of Bring It to Life: Christian Education and the Transformative Power of Service-Learning, and editor of the ACSI blog. She received her EdD from Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City. She can be reached via email at


About the Guest

Elizabeth Lucas Dombrowski

Elizabeth Dombrowski is the executive director of CLC Network, where she serves as a champion for inclusion in schools and churches. Beginning at a young age, Elizabeth says she experienced the beauty of communities that recognize and celebrate the diverse gifts of all. After serving at the Adler Planetarium for nine years in fundraising and operations, she joined CLC Network in 2012, returning to an organization tied to her own family history. Her calling to CLC Network and lifelong advocacy for places of belonging help her to lead an organization that is transforming school communities across the country.



You mentioned a list of seven things to evaluate if a child is getting a whole education, but as I wrote them down I only heard five from what I could tell. Could you give me that list

Elizabeth Dombrowski

Hi Monica – These are the 7 areas of development that we think about:
1. Spiritual Development
2. Academic Development
3. Social/Emotional Development
4. Motor Development
5. Vocational Development
6. Daily Living Skills Development
7. Leisure Time Skills Development

Sheila Thompson

Thank you Elizabeth. When my car broke down and I had to ride with one of my students and parent, I got a whole new perspective which changed my approach and confirms a lot of your ideas… including getting to know our students.


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